Nicki Minaj Gives Diddy the Pink Slip….Your Fired!

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Nicki Minaj Fires Diddy

We knew the Nicki Minaj and Sean “Diddy” Combs professional relationship would be short lived but no one could have imagined it would be this quick? The Young Money rapper has once again decided to change management teams by issuing Diddy his walking papers. Apparently Nicki is upset at the lack of attention that Diddy is giving to her project so she has decided to replace him with veteran executive Benny Medina. Nicki is rumored to have stated the following:

“By now, everyone should now that I am really strict when it comes to my representation. I had sympathy for Sean however I feel as if I haven’t gotten the guidance the manager is supposed to give his client. Personally, I feel like I’m being managed by mother. Even if you play the smallest role on my team, I wish to see progress. I’d like to thank him for everything he has done for me; for taking me under his wing. I wish him the best with representing Rick. But now that my album is about to drop, its time to get serious and stop playing games. If I could turn back time…I wouldn’t have made the decision to let Troy go.”

After Nicki Minaj terminated her management with industry veteran Debra Antney, HHE was the first to report that she was looking to work with Troy Carter who is responsible for the successful management of recording superstar Lady Gaga and rapper/actress Eve Jeffers.

Something tells us Nicki might just be a little difficult to work with?

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