Nicki Minaj Shows off her Booblicious on Daytime Television

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Nicki Minaj dressed as a life-size Barbie
on Good Morning America

Spousal abuse survivor Nicki Minaj paid an interesting visit on Good Morning America today in NYC. The look she performed in was rather animated to say the least. The outfit is like if a cross between Barbie’s playhouse and discarded pieces from Jem’s wardrobe from the 80s cartoon series. Warning, the following images contains some nudity and if you are under 18, please leave page now.

We’re not surprised though. Nicki has come to be known for her outlandish performances and red carpet attire. Some people have even gone so far as to comapre her to the hip hop Lady Gaga. The look is actually kinda cute though. The big blonde untamed wig, plastic pink jacket with see-through skirt over printed leggings, and leopard rain boots work in favor of her animated personality.

However, the highlight of the show came when Nicki’s wardrobe malfunction let loose one of her best accessories! Peep more pics below to see Nicki let one of her Minajs’ hang all out!

“Chicks better cover up their chests like pastys”

Hey there yourself Nicki

Oops, my bad

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