Nicki Minaj Takes Shots at Lil’ Kim Again!! New Track – “Stupid Hoe”

| December 20, 2011 | 1 Comment

Although Nicki Minaj may have tried to put the beef between her and fellow rapstress, Lil Kim, in the past it looks like her alter ego, Roman Zolanski just can’t let things go. On her new track “Stupid Hoe”, Nicki Minaj aims at Lil Kim rapping, “I get it cracking like a bad back.. Bitch talkin’ she the queen, she she looking like a lab rat”. Nicki keeps the verbal attack going with lyrics like “I’m Angelina, you Jennifer/ C’mon, bitch, you see where Brad at?” and  “Stupid hoe should’ve befriended me, then she could’ve probably came back”.

Nicki Minaj wraps the track up yelling out that she is the “female Weezy”.  Alrighty then, Ms. Minaj. Check out “Stupid Hoe” and let us know what you think about the never-ending battle between the Barbz Nicki and Queen Bee Lil’ Kim.

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  1. james seright says:

    that shit was real wack the junior mafia biggie ear little kim would destroy this nicki minaji bullshit cartonish rap.

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