Nipsey Hussle credits ‘Contagious’ for $100 ‘Compton’ album

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Nipsey Hussle breakfast club

Nipsey Hussle wasn’t sitting around with his boys drinking lean thinking of ways to come up, the independent artist was putting in serious studying time. During Nipsey’s interview with the Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club, the west coast rapper shared what made him release 100 copies of his Compton album for $100.

“I got a few mentors that put me on books and literature (and all that), Big Bob Francis is one of them, and so he told me about this book, called Contagious. I got to the second chapter of that and they were talking about this restaurant owner in Philly who started selling Philly cheese steaks out of his restaurant for $100. It set off all types of conversation, everyone was talking about it. Then all types of influential people came through and wanted to check out why it was $100. Oprah came through and bought one, David Letterman bought one- he got all types of exposure and publicity, and it became a staple. Everybody started coming through supporting, buying the $100 cheese steak. So I put the book down and was like ‘yeah we about to do that with the album.’ Nobody did that with music, you know?” 

Well thinking outside of the box paid off! Aside from die-hard fans coping the album which also serves as a free ticket to Nipsey Hussle’s concert, Jay Z made headlines when he bought 100 copies of Compton himself.

Watch the full interview with the Power 105.1 Breakfast Club, and grab a few pieces of insight into Hussle’s viewpoint on expanding his business in the music industry and his thoughts about signing to another label.

What do you think of Nipsey Hussle’s marketing scheme? If you’re an artist, could you sell your music for $100?

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