No Shame! George Zimmerman is Making A Killing off The Death of Trayvon Martin

| December 19, 2013


Ridiculous is not a strong enough word for the bidding of a painting signed by Zimmerman. One day he is found not guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter and the next day Zimmerman has deemed himself an artist.

George Zimmerman painted a portion of the American flag with the words “God one nation with liberty and justice for all”, and posted the painting on eBay. The highest bid for the painting so far is $110K. Zimmerman says he used the painting to “express himself”.

Zimmerman is making a huge profit off the murder of Trayvon Martin. Let’s be honest who would buy the painting for such a huge amount if Zimmerman was not involved in such a controversial case?

The family of Trayvon Martin should definitely sue the murderer of their son for wrongful death and if victorious earmark the proceeds towards a cause in his name. To capitalize off his death is to show no remorse for the murder he committed.

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