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Upcoming issue of “As Is Magazine”

If anyone had the least bit of an inclination that Montana Fishburne was going through some type of rebellious phase for degrading the Fishburne name,
you might want to check out the upcoming issue of “As Is” magazine where she bares all her dirty little secrets.

Don’t know if she will be as big as Kim Kardashian but one thing’s for certain she’s not giving up any time soon.
A-list actor Laurence Fishbourne’s daughter, Montana Fishbourne,  seems to not care about what her father has to say about her career in the Adult Industry. Recently she released her first porn video entitled “Montana Fishbourne: An A-List Daughter Makers her XXX Debut,” which has already apparently sold 25,000 copies across the country.

Montana has no shame in using her family name in the video title, which is how this whole fiasco began in the first place.

Montana seems to more than understand how this could hurt her dad, but she feels that it shouldn’t even reflect upon her dad because they are two separate people in fact, it is her last name too!

We teach our children right from wrong and raise them to dream big and not let anyone stop them from fulfilling their dreams.

It looks to me like Montana has not let hurting her dad’s feelings stop her from living her dream; she now graces the front Cover of “As Is” Magazine.


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