No Tip? Virginia Waiter Terminated For Writing “N*gger” on Receipts of Six Customers

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Words by Nadia Shakur

The holidays ushered in countless celebrations for the New Year but for six patrons at a hookah restaurant had their celebration ruined by an act of racism. A white waiter at the Shatila Lebanese Grill and Hookah restaurant typed the “N” word on six customers receipts after their dinner.

According to ABC News Arlington Channel 8, Several African-American patrons came there after attending a New Year’s eve church service. One patron expressed her outrage. “All capital letters, just right there. I just did a double take. I was like, ‘Wow.’ It was just a shock to me,” said Justyce Hill.

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According to Hill the message was put on the receipts after the group asked the server for separate checks. Another patron in the group stated that they tried to confront the server while not trying to make a big scene but understandably they were upset. “I went to sleep thinking about it; went to sleep upset about it and woke up upset about it,” stated Jasmine Tucker.

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When News 8 posed questions to Ragheed, he told us his only comment would be “My bad.”

Justyce Hill said it’s not the way she wanted to start 2015.

“They made the wrong judge of character with us. We are not that and we don’t call each other that,” Hill said.

The server whom wrote the disgustingly offense word on the receipts had several complaints with only one week on the job and was terminated immediately.

Makes you wonder how people are screened for jobs these days.

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