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Now that REVOLT has debuted the first single from Nolay’s upcoming project #GrimeGutsAndGlory this morning, the cheeky British rapper is ready to unleash it upon the rest of the world. Not familiar? You soon will be. As a pioneer of the UK’s Grime scene, Nolay has already lyrically stomped her way across her homeland and Europe so the land across the pond is the next logical step. Produced by Kid D“Gotta Love It” is a fun romp through Nolay’s Cockney vocabulary on which she makes it clear she is not to be messed with in the booth. Revolt put it best when they called it “Gotta Love It” is hardened Grime track with bars that bite as hard as any stateside MC could deliver.”  

Nolay is a female artist from London who is famous across Europe for being a pioneer on the Grime scene. She has been a staple on BBC Radio since the start of her caeer and has been featured on every major media outlet in the UK from MTV, Complex, I-D Mag and SBTV to Vogue. Her most recent offering, “NetFlix & Pills” debuted on Noisey back in January and they were so inspired by Nolay’s story that a 30 minute documentary on her life and career is being shot next week.

Not only has Nolay dominated the Grime movement for years, she is also one of the few artists from that genre that is just as comfortable rhyming over a Hip Hop beat.

A quick watch of this 4 minute plus freestyle video will give you some idea of her lyrical prowess.

“I have a soft spot for Grime also but I’m also blessed enough to be influenced massively by 90’s East Coast rap so I really just spit on anything that I feel moves me tbh lol. I just wanna rap. I once rapped on a Massive Attack beat haha wasn’t Grime or Hip Hop, I’m not sure what the hell it was, but it’s music and that’s all I care about in my life.” she says.


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