Norfolk State Student Attacked By Police Dogs for Not Cooperating

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London Colvin, a Norfolk State University Student, allegedly was attacked by police dogs after refusing to offer information to police officers about a fight.

Colvin, a junior and sociology major, was seen on at the scene of the fight which happened off-campus near Norfolk State early Sunday morning.  Even though she had nothing to do with the fight, Colvin was approached by officers asking for information regarding the fight.

After refusing to give officers any information, eyewitnesses say that the officers pinned Colvin down while police dogs brutality bit and attacked her.

“We want the word out about this,” said Kayla Cook, a junior and tourism and hospitality major at Norfolk State University. “The police told her that she took the dogs better than other people have before. We don’t know how many people the officers have attacked before [this incident],” she said.

In the result of the attack Colvin received several non-life threatening wounds on her leg and had to get 40 stitches.

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