Not Very Major? Troy Ave’s ‘Major Without A Label’ Sales Explained

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We can probably credit 50 Cent when it comes to fans paying attention to the soundscan numbers. So when the numbers were released on Troy Ave’s LP Major Without A Label, the hip hop world began to clown the New York rapper.

 The numbers reveled that Troy sold under 5 k first week with 30 of those being hard copies. To call that a flop is a huge understatement. Even though he is independent, he is known on the scene as he has 60 k followers on Twitter and 151 k on Instagram. He even had his song ‘Doo Doo’ played constantly on ESPN’s morning show First Take.

So what happened? Is Troy Ave just Troy Average? Well the truth is his numbers are not fully calculated.

Most albums are released on Tuesday and Troy released his album digitally early on Friday to lead up to his Summer Jam performance on Sunday. Therefore, his online sales were only attributed for this one weekend opposed to the 6 days normally used to figure numbers.

Now what about those 30 hard copies? Well that was actually a violation by retailers. The physical copies were not supposed to be sold until Tuesday which will not be factored until the next week.

Basically the numbers are incomplete and they may still be low once all said and done. So all the memes and jokes on Troy may need to slow down a tad.

@TroyAve: official #’s in Fri or Mon. since album dropped last Fri but at 95% +30k singles sold & hosting’s I Prob made 120 THOUSAND in 1 week #RTthat😂

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