Notes for Newcomers: 5 tips about the A3C

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Notes for newcomers: 5 tips about the A3C

By Mehka

The A3C hip-hop festival is here! The massive 3 day festival will make Atlanta the epicenter for the music universe as acts from all genres of hip-hop will invade the “A” to perform for fans and media. Names like Raekwon, Devin the Dude, The GZA, Big Boi and Twista will rock alongside newer acts like Chip the Ripper, Fred the Godson, Nipsey Hussle and more, giving fans more than enough options to be entertained musically.

While I have been to the event before, many will be making the trek for the first time this year. For those A3C virgins, here are 5 things you should look forward to and look out for while out here in Atlanta for the weekend.

1)      Gas prices have not gone down: This will be an issue for some people as the A3C will be spread out this year. Since its inception, the A3C has called Masquerade their primary home. This year all that will change as they take on more of a SXSW format with having shows at various locations throughout the city. Other than Masquerade, you can find yourself heading to The 5 Spot in Little 5 Points, Terminal West, Highland Ballroom, Star Bar and Criminal Records. There will be a shuttle service that will tote event goers from event to event, but if that’s not your thing, plan to add gas money to your budget if you want to see some of your favorite artists and Djs in action. Option number 2, the Marta is not that expensive. FYI.

2)      Get your popcorn ready: This year the A3C will partner up with the Atlanta Film Festival and WonderRoot to showcase movies at the Plaza Theater. Some films to look out for include “Egypt through the glass shop” directed by Amalgam Digital founder Next and “Change the Game” a short documentary that takes a look at the culture of hip-hop from its inception to where it is now. Both films should be a hot ticket, but make sure you look out for the other films and music videos being shown this weekend.

3)      Come ready for class: There will be several great panels for event goers to check out if they’re trying to learn how to better themselves in the music industry. Panels like “Road Rules” which breaks down the benefits of touring for artists, “What’s the hook” which discusses marketing and branding, “I Rock the mic, but don’t rap” which highlights how to get your music into the hands of the media and “Rags to Riches” which gives you insight into the fashion game are a few of the panels that will help you get as much info about whatever it is you’re trying to do in the music industry. Bring a pad and pen and prepare to take notes if you’re serious about your career.

4)      Comfortable shoes are a must: When you’re not driving or being shuttled around or sitting at a panel, you’ll be standing, waiting for your favorite artists to hit the stage. You know how shows can go. Sometimes things will lag longer than you would think. With that said, fellas don’t come out rocking your new Tims and ladies leave the heels at home unless you want to have a miserable time standing up for several hours while you wait for the show to start. I’m warning you ahead of time. I saw some very sad faces last year as shows dragged on throughout the night because they thought “dress fly” rather than “dress sensible.”

5)      Bring open minds and open ears: While there are many major names at this year’s event, there will be many artists that you have never heard of. That does not mean you should take the chance to ignore them while you wait for a big name artist to rock out. Just because you haven’t downloaded their music to your iPod yet doesn’t mean that they’re not worth your time. Give a new act a chance this weekend. Who knows, you might be listening to the next big thing in hip-hop. Or you might be wasting your time. Either way, take a chance.

The A3C will be a great experience for all those in attendance as long as you come prepared. Enjoy your weekend people, it will be great.

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