Nut Job? Singer Ashanti Stalker Tells Her “You Could Have Just Blocked Me in Twitter” in Court

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Words by Nadia Shakur

There seems to be no boundaries for poor Ashanti’s stalker. The R&B songstress was in a Manhattan courtroom on Tuesday to testify against her accused stalker Devar Hurd on the derogatory tweets he repeatedly sent her over the year. He even sent crotch photos and messages to the singer while she sat at her mother’s birthday dinner.

“I believe evidence will show me tweet (about) adult-to-adult consensual sex, lovemaking and emotional heartbreak with the same complainant,” Hurd, who is unwisely representing himself, said in his rambling opening statements.

He argued that the Long Island-born Grammy winner could have stopped his messages if she were truly scared of him and previously testified that they had “strong eye contact” at a concert in Chicago in 2003.

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Ashanti’s mother Tina Douglas testified Tuesday that she became very upset after seeing messages sent to her daughter.

The outrageous nature of the tweet pictures and messages was matched by Hurd having the audacity to represent himself in court against the charges. Hurd questioned Ashanti on the stand about the tweets and several photos. Hurd asked her did she recognize him in a photo he tweeted of himself and her younger sister, Kenashia Douglas. Initially, I didn’t recognize you,” she told Hurd, who appeared to be offended. Interesting how Hurd would bring into account his violation of the protection order courts previously granted Ashanti against him prior to the photo he took with her sister. Ashanti made no attempts to sugarcoat her disgust and displeasure at Hurds alleged actions.

With the manner of photo debauchery he tweeted to her for almost two years, disgust is an accurate description of Ashanti’s feelings towards her unwanted suitor.

If her alleged stalker is found guilty, he will likely spend several years behind bars, as violation of an active restraining order is punishable to up to 5 years in prison.

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