NYPD Cop Frames Innocent Man Who Served 27 Years in Prison for A Crime

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Shabaka Shakur will spend one more weekend in prison over some paperwork, but he said he can wait. The reason Shakur is able to last one more weekend is because he had been sitting behind bars for 27 years for a crime he did not commit. Not only that, Shakur was set up by a NYPD officer.

Shakur was found guilty of the murder of two high school students over car payments in 1998. His conviction came after Detective Louis Scarcella claimed to have Shabaka make a confession. There was no confession, the detective framed Shakur as there was no recorded audio or video of his admission of any guilt. Shabaka never signed any paperwork saying he was confessing to the murders either.

Shabaka is 50 years old and now has spent more than half his life behind bars as an innocent man. You have to be a sick person to purposely send innocent people to prison effectively changing their lives forever and for the worst. When asked about Scarcella by Nydailynews, all Shakur had to say was, “I have nothing to say to him…This guy ruined families. I just want him to be investigated.”

Detective Scarcella has had previous cases reviewed and there have been eight convictions overturned in investigations he led.

Louis Scarcella is part of a criminal system that seems to only have self-serving interest. There needs to be a reform in the system because sending an innocent person to prison is disturbing. Charges should and need to pressed against him as well. As far as Shabaka Shakur he should not have to wait another weekend in a place he does not belong in to begin with. All he will get after losing 27 years of his life will be, “we’re sorry.”

It is unbelievable that with that much lack of evidence it took this long for an innocent man to be released. Should Shakur be monetarily compensated at the very least for this egregious mistake?

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