NYPD Cop Who Choked Eric Garner to Death Being Sued Once Again

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The New York police officer that put Eric Garner in an illegal choke-hold that led to his death is being sued again, the New York Daily News reports.

Leonardo Aguirre is suing Daniel Pantaleo, 29, because he claims that last June the officer was speeding in his 2010 Chevrolet and following him too closely which caused both of their cars to get into an accident. Aguirre says that the crash left him with “severe and permanent” injuries on his neck, back, shoulders, and knees.

The accident happened just a few weeks before Pantaleo sparked a national outcry concerning police tactics when he was videotaped putting Eric Garner in a choke-hold on July 17 for selling loose cigarettes. The incident lead to Garner’s death which lead to weeks of protest in New York and around the nation.

Pantaleo was not indicted by a grand jury in connection with Garner’s death. The NYPD is still conducting their own investigation into the situation.

A source from the police described the accident differently by saying that Pantaleo was driving a marked NYPD vehicle that was responding to an assault call with his emergency lights on and was struck by another vehicle.

Aguirre’s lawyers have declined to provide any more information about the case until the city’s lawyers have a chance to respond to the suit.

Pantaleo has been sued on multiple occasions including a lawsuits from Darren Collins and Tommy Rice, who won a $30,000 settlement after Pantaleo strip searched them after a 2012 traffic stop in Staten Island and slapped their testicles.

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