Oh Hell Nah! Utah Police Officer Gets Sued After Arresting Sober Drivers for DUI (Video Inside)

| January 5, 2013 | 0 Comments

lisa steed

The cops in Utah are obviously out of control! It looks like a former Utah Patrol Officer, Lisa Steed is now facing a class-action lawsuit after allegedly arresting sober citizens for drunk driving. According to ABC News, Steed would pull over random citizens for speeding and other violations, give them sobriety tests which they would pass, but she would still arrest them on DUI charges.

Michael Studebaker, one of the lawyer’s leading the lawsuit cited a dashcam video from a 2011 traffic stop where Steed pulled over a female driver and performed sobriety tests, but still arrested the woman for DUI after she clearly passed the field tests.

One of the victims in the lawsuit, Michael Choate claims that he was pulled over by Steed for speeding with his wife in the car. Choated was charged with DUI and arrested, but the charges were later dropped when his blood test results showed that he was not drunk. He was still forced to pay $3000 in fines to get his car back. 

The attorneys haven’t revealed how much money they are seeking on the plaintiffs behalves, but we hope they get every cent they ask for as this is a blatant case of police corruption.

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