Oh No!! Cee-Lo Green Facing Four Years in Prison for Drug Possession if Convicted

| November 21, 2013 | 1 Comment

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By: Adriene Morton

Looks like Cee-Lo Green has got himself caught up in some more baggage, regarding his date rape case that occurred last year.

As you all may know, CeeLo Green was initially accused of slipping a woman Ecstasy  and then having his way with her while out for drinks at a L.A. downtown sushi spot.

Due to insufficient evidence, CeeLo was cleared of sexual assault but according to ABC News, the artist appeared in court Monday and was hit with a felony drug charge. It’s possible that the 39-year-old could face up to a maximum of four years in prison if convicted of the drug charge.

CeeLo’s attorney Blair Berk is determined to keep that from happening, citing all the sexual assualt allegations as “false and unfounded”, ABC News reported. His attorney added that any relations between the artist and the woman were “consensual”, but she avoided addressing the issue of him allegedly placing ecstasy in the woman’s drink, stating that CeeLo will address that matter in a court of law.

In another legal filing by his attorney, Berk protested the presence of cameras in the courtroom citing that her client is unfairly being portrayed in the media and his previous hearing the pool camera was conveniently trained on Cee-Lo and her and not anyone else in the courtroom which included the judge and the state prosecutor. Her complaint went on deaf ears as the judge stated that the public and media had a right to be there.

One thing is certain, Cee-Lo has an uphill battle to prove his innocence. Check back soon as this case unfolds in the court system as Hiphopenquirer.com will be reporting live from the courthouse. Please remember Cee-Lo is presumed innocent of this charge as all who have been accused of a crime.

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