Omari Hardwick Defends Wife From Social Media Bullies

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With the success of TV shows Power and Being Mary Jane, actor Omari Hardwick has earned the “heartthrob” title. Recently, paparazzi photos surfaced of Hardwick, his wife, and son having lunch over the weekend in New York.

Omari and his wife Jennifer Pfautch (who was his former publicist), have been married since 2012 and have kept their marriage out of the public eye until now.

His black female fans quickly learned that Hardwick’s wife is a Caucasian woman.  After the pictures hit the blogs, tons of nasty comments surfaced regarding his wife’s appearance. Many comments either suggested that the actor could do better and said she’s “ugly” and “masculine.” It did not take long for Omari responds back to the media and fans via Twitter.

Omari took the high road, of course, and responded with class. He wrote on Twitter:

I wish all of you could experience celebrity for a week to understand the LEVEL of ugly in certain diseases (called human beings).

I thought it was ugly losing my son. I thought it was ugly losing my brother at 45 & sister at 33. All within [a] 3 yr span. Ugly of HATE is a portion of cancer immeasurable. Social media has aided in the hate of my generation of public figures vs. those before us.

I want to personally THANK all of you who have only loved supported PROPERLY challenged me & recognized GOD’s truth of my existence & those i would die & kill FOR. I love u back.

I root for you all. Those who have created your own truth so to make your despicable selves feel better, with zero care for those like me who’ve done zero to you, i want to harm you … while EQUALLY praying for the misery known as you.

Although Pfautch is not what society expected her to be, it isn’t up to the public to help decide who a man should fall in love with. Fans are even more critical that she’s white and considered very “average-looking,” by society standards. The truth is whenever Hardwick’s wife would surface women were expected to see a brownskinned glamazon that looked very similar to them; this eases their minds because they could at least say “well at least he picked a black woman.”

It is important that people, who are looking for a spouse, should look for substance instead of sexiness when it comes to the opposite sex.  Social media has made the world so vain and self-absorbed that individuals have not taken the time to think “maybe he loves, maybe she’s a great mother, etc.” Black women get over it, work on yourselves so you can be the perfect spouse and stop obsessing over a man doesn’t even know you.

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