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Tyrese recently posted a behind the scenes clip of his new video “I Got a Chick”, the first single off his new album Open Invitation. “I think a lot of people are going to be shocked with this video, this is my comeback” he said “I’m back, homie. We’re going to bring class, tact and good energy back to these videos.”

Take a look:

His black female fans were shocked… but not the way he hoped for. Demetria L. Lucas, a reporter from Essence magazine wrote:

“There is nothing classy or tactful about the video, and of the 15-20 women featured on the set, there was just one Black female model among a mix of White, Asian, and women of non- descript, multi-ethnic origin.

When asked about the lack of black women Tyrese responded via Twitter saying, “I had a 2 day audition. I welcomed ALL women and went with the BEST. I don’t do favors….doesn’t matter what race!! I’m black as sh–!! I love my sisters!! You do auditions and go for the BEST! Not race! Love u.”

Lucas also wrote: “Some will rake Tyrese over the clichéd coals (and I get why as ignoring his core fan base makes no sense), but I won’t and it had nothing to do with how fine, chiseled and talented he is. I would love to see black women admired and treasured but it has to be more than a cliché of what too many music videos have become—expensive ambiance and scantily clad women at a man’s beck and call.”

“Surely, Black women can live another day without being reduced to (or in some twisted male way, celebrated for) the crass role that Tyrese offers here,” she continued. “My thoughts are the video is wack, so it doesn’t matter who is in the video, because we’ve moved on Tyrese let’s hope there’s another Transformers movie for you to be typecast in.”

The video does look similar to those you see every day, women in lingerie dancing and swooning over the men in a big mansion. At the end of the day it was his decision to feature those women and he is fine with that as Lucas said “The Best” is subjective, so to each his own.

What do you think?

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