Kanye West charges at Paparazzi for Taking His Photos [Video]

Oops!!! Don’t Forget To Duck… Kanye West Bumps His Head Against Sign After Being Stalked By Paparazzi [Video]

kanye west

Kanye West being nursed by Kim Kardashian

Life for a rapper and his video vixen soon to be baby mamma shouldn’t be so rough.

While taking a walk through Beverly Hills, TMZ caught footage of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian on their way to a restaurant and the paparazzi was on them like white on rice.

Giving them no room to move, Kanye literally bumped his head on a metal street sign as he walked to his destination.

Of course he spazed out, who wouldn’t. Now if he would have swung on one of these hack photographers, YE would have been in the wrong all day but if a another death or accident occurred like when Princess Diana was chased by the “journalists,” then people would have compassion.

I propose carrying mace and hit them in the eyes a few times like you would an attacking dog! Then they might get the picture.

Peep the footage below:

Uncle Charlie… take it away.

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