Oprah & Whoopi Squash Beef They Didn’t Know Why it Existed (Check out video)

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Tears were flowing pretty heavy on today’s Oprah Winfrey show as her guest Whoopi Goldberg was on there to discuss an imaginary feud neither understood why it existed in the first place. Apparently there were rumors floating around Hollywood that the two had a beef but it all came to a conclusion when the two ran into each other at Tyler Perry’s home in Atlanta according to Oprah. “We were discussing the issue over a bowl of collard greens and we really didn’t know why we were not speaking, according to Ms. Winfrey. Whoopi said she was never mad at Oprah. “People kept saying you were upset with me.”

The last time the two worked together was in the hit blockbuster movie “The Color Purple” so it was fitting to see Whoopi walk on stage with a fierce pair of purple shoes.

One thing that holds true for those holding a grudge…life is too short for that type of foolishness.

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