Parents Who Encourage Their Children To Be Strippers

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Don’t know if Montana Fishburne started out this way but clearly there seems to be a major problem with the parenting of the children that are in the video below.

When I was coming up, my mother had my sisters and I come out to the living room to entertain the guests by  doing a Jackson 5 dance moves and mock performance on our own “Soul Train” show but this foolishness has to stop with our young people and their parents.


The kids in this video appears to be in training for an audition at Magic City (a popular strip club in Atlanta) which I believe the parents should have their a** whipped for this nonsense. Some will likely blame the children’s behavior on music videos or something they saw on BET. Those types of excuses are unacceptable if a parent is really in tune with what their kids are doing.

Source: Dimewars

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