( Pause) Obama, Jay-Z and Homosexuals; Parents Outraged At Ohio Teacher’s Facebook Rant

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An Ohio high school teacher is being investigated after she went on a Facebook rant following President Obama’s  re-election earlier this week.

The  teacher, who works for Linden McKinley High School in Columbus wrote on his  personal Facebook page: ‘Congrats to those dependent on  government,  homosexuals, potheads, JAY-Z fans, non Christians, non  taxpayers, illegals,  communists, Muslims, planned murder clinics,  enemies of America.’

He concluded with: ‘Satan, You WON!’ Now,  parents are up in arms over the teacher’s offensive remarks. The school has not yet named theLinden McKinley High School teacher.

One mother of a student said that she could  not understand why a teacher would allegedly choose to say things about the  students and parents ‘who trust him.’

‘I needed to get on Facebook and see a post  he made,’ she said. ‘Once I did that, my mouth just dropped,” said Hazel Davis, whose child attends the high  school. She said that she received multiple phone calls about the post. It was Mrs Davis who printed a copy of the  Facebook page with the post and reported it to the principal.

She said that she was shocked a teacher who  has a large number of students receiving free and reduced lunches would begin a  post isolating those utilizing government assistance, according to the  report.

Columbus City School officials confirmed 95  percent of students at the high school were on the federal program.

‘That is someone who you can’t look up to,’  Davis said.

Parents and students are not the only ones  who saw the teacher’s Facebook page.

A Columbus City Schools spokesperson told  Channel 10 TV News that the district has viewed the post and is now  investigating. ‘It gives me an  understanding of what class I want my son to be in next year,’ Davis said. ‘It  is not going to be with that person.’

The  Ohio Education Association and the Columbus Education Association lists informal  guidelines for teachers using social media, suggesting that they not post  anything they would not say in front of students, parents or the Board of  Education. This will go down as something that you would not have said in front of students, parents or the Board of Education.

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