Pictures Don’t Always Tell A True Story?!

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Especially in the case of a recent image that was emailed to me alleging that Atlanta’s 107.9 popular DJ J-Nicks of the Durty Boys was seen in an Atlanta night spot hugging on someone purporting to be a man. Although the eyes in the image were blocked out it was clear to me that the person in fact was the radio jock because I know him personally and recognized his tattoo.

Although popular blogger insinuated that the person with him was a transvestite, I wasn’t as convinced so I did a little investigating and sure enough the person in question is a well known make-up artist by the name Amanda Reign Moulin who has a thirteen year old daughter. Here is what was posted on

Yesterday, I received pictures of a well-known Atlanta DJ hugged up in the club with a person who is alleged to be a tranny. I have obscured the young man’s face in order to protect his identity in case he doesn’t realize that the chick he’s crushing on came equipped with the same factory equipment that he has.

Amanda Reign Moulin

Amanda with her 13 year old daughter

As a heterosexual man myself, I would be very upset if someone said I was hugging up on a drag queen or transvestite so I am sure it had to bother the J-Nicks since he is seen in the company of some of the sexiest women in Atlanta. Notwithstanding the fact the he is also coming out with a song with Atlanta rapper Lil Scrappy. Any indication of a rapper being gay would definitely kill their street credibility at least for the heterosexual community. I reached out to J-Nicks by phone and he didn’t deny the fact that it was him in the picture but he painted a clearer picture for me. “Man, that is my sister-in-law and we always hang out together. She recently shaved her hair off but she is definitely a woman and if she wasn’t as a public figure I don’t discriminate because someone is gay anyways.”

J-Nicks releases an official statement via

After sending Amanda a tweet to contact us we were on the phone in less than 5 minutes. Below is the audio of our conversation:

Supreme Reign Speaks out:

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