Chris Brown Needs Your Help!

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Once viewed as the heart throb to many young women around the world, platinum selling recording artist Chris Brown seems to be going through some difficult times and while poor record sales have affected many contemporary recording artists today, Chris Breezy believes his fans have essentially abandoned him for a different reason.

 It was almost sad to hear a recent phone recording of the once pop idol pleading with his fans to forgive him and while we don’t advocate any type of violence towards a woman we believe the star should be forgiven. One can’t help to forget just two years ago pop sensation Britney Spears was going through some difficult times and although she wasn’t accused of beating up her husband Kevin Federline the courts believed she might have been a danger to her children and because of this she had to undergo counseling among other things. Today Spears enjoys great record sales and sold out concerts so why not give Chris Brown another chance? He has from what we have learned been complying with the court’s order on completing his community service and there have been no reports of any other violations. Former girlfriend Rihanna has even moved on with her life even though some believe that she might have played a factor in their domestic violence fiasco. For goodness sakes give this young man a break and let him earn a living which everyone should be entitled to at some point. Listen to his audio below:


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