Please Pay Now!! Music Producers Accused of Stiffing Their Vendors

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Jazze Pha

You would never believe what CBS Atlanta uncovered in a recent investigation. Although they make millions of dollars, some of the biggest names in hip hop are not paying up! Recording engineers in Atlanta provided CBS Atlanta with unpaid invoices and court judgments dated back years. They said lack of payment by producers and record labels has become a huge problem.

According to a Gwinnett County court judgment provided by recording engineer Tony Terrebonne, mega hit producer Polow Da Don owes more than $20,000 in unpaid studio services and attorney’s fees. Past due invoices provided show that rapper Young Jeezy owed 11th Street Studio more than $20,000 as well which he paid after the investigation.

polow-da-don-awardPolow Da Don

“I’m not sure why they’re not paying because a lot of these guys are multi-millionaires,” said Josh Butler, recording engineer and owner of 11th Street Studio in Atlanta. “You’re listening to music that hasn’t been paid for.”

Invoices and judgments also show singer and producer Phalon Alexander –-better known as Jazze Pha– owes more than $135,000 to four studios including Zac Recording. The music stars “are out partying on my money,” said Jim Zumpano, owner of Zac.

These artists and producers make millions and millions of dollars. Why are they not paying the little guys who help them get to the top?

Source: CBS Atlanta


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