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Mama may have, Papa he may have, but God bless the child that’s got his own!”
For some, these words are mere lyrics from a hit song by the Legendary Lady Holiday; but for 16 year old ATL recording artist, SAS a.k.a. Sasso, these lyrics have become a way of life.

Born in L.A and raised in Atlanta-two of the entertainment capitals in the world it was only destiny that scheduled the appointment for SAS to be introduced to the music industry at the tender age of six. At a time when average little boys are expected to be playing little league baseball and riding bicycles, the not so average SAS was out making moves in the industry. Armed with phenomenal talent and artistic quality, and rightfully so, it comes without saying that a star was in the making. Still at a very young age, he was signed to a recording contract with Da-Razkal Cru (Dreamworks Records). SAS’s hard work and determination paid off, and by the age of 11, SAS had already been afforded the opportunity go on tour–opening for and performing along side major acts like B2K, Lil Zayne, and Baby D, in national concerts.

Still sounds like a storyline from a movie? Well, read further ‘cause that was just the beginning of the jump off for young SAS. Barely old enough to obtain a driver’s permit-however, wise beyond his years, SAS, along with his brother Scrap, and cousin Bucklyte, (Da-Razkal Cru)were signed to a multi-million dollar recording contract. The trio put in tireless work in the studio–recorded with industry pioneers whose reputation precedes them and whose contributions to game are irrefutable. Da-Razkal Cru became astute students of P. Diddy, Battle Cat, Stevie J. and Swizz Beatz and as such they were put up on the creative and financial value of the writing and publishing game. Each member of the group individually established their own respective music publishing companies to facilitate their writing and publishing interests. Although the young trio were technically in the music industry, they were about to get their first taste of the real politics of the game.

SAS and the group eventually parted ways with DreamWorks Records and signed with Elektra Records. Unfortunate for Dreamworks and a blessing in disguise for the Da-Razkal Cru. SAS says Elektra’s vision for the group was a direct reflection of what the members had envisioned for themselves. During their tenure with Elektra Records, the group recorded with Missy Elliott, Jazzy Pha, Polow Da Don, Irv Gotti, and Akon. Da-Razkal Cru was also featured performers on Nickelodeon’s, All That Show. The group was chosen for a major national billboard campaign for Sean John and shot their first video with well-known hip-hop video producer Erik White. SAS and The Cru copped a spot on a national major city tour when they were approached to be on the B2K Pandemonium Tour featuring Junior Varsity and R& B sensation, Marques Houston. Da-Razkal Cru also headlined the AND 1 Basketball Tour and have since established long-lasting friendships with AND 1 team members AO, Sick-Wit-It, Escalade, and Hot Sauce–just to name a few. Da-Razkal Cru didn’t hesitate to take advantage of a historical opportunity when they became one of the first Rap/Hip-Hop artists invited to perform at the annual Congressional Black Caucus in Washington, DC.

So many accomplishments for someone still so young, SAS quickly established himself as a serious playa in the game. He credits his persistence in the game to the support he receives from his family. His brother Scrap and cousin went on to be signed to Akon’s Konvict Music Label. SAS credits his music and business influences to some of the industry’s biggest icons like 2pac, The Notorious B.I.G., Jay Z, P. Diddy. SAS is currently focusing on his business interests so that in the future he can diversify those aspects in and out of the music industry. He plans to develop a record label, a shoe company, video games, merchandising, and real estate. SAS is looking forward to working with producers Akon, Nitty, Ike Dirty, and artists T.I., Lil’ Jon, Lil’ Wayne, Snoop and The Game. Those who have read his resume are certain that he is yet the hottest, youngest master lyricist in the game. For those who don’t know…well, keep your eyes open, with the moves he’s making, one blink could cause you to miss out!

SAS credits his parents for working extremely hard to give him such a life and allowing him the flexibility to make his dreams a reality. Although his parents have provided him with a luxurious lifestyle that many desire to have, it is only natural that SAS wants to take it to the next level—and there is only one way to go, and that is up! With big dreams and high aspirations SAS hopes to inspire other young teens to follow their own dreams, regardless of which side of the tracks they come from. SAS has experienced the favor of music industry pioneers more so than the average person trying to make it in the game. What he has accomplished in such a short period of time takes others a lifetime to do and you know what they say about favor. Favor ain’t fair! Although the Young, Fly, Confident, Star Studded and did we mention Fly, SAS, made this all look easy; he is quick to reflect on how far he has come. The local Metro-Atlanta talent shows, local touring and missing out on a normal childhood, recording contracts going sour has all paid off and he is ready to get it on ‘n poppin’. His only concern is that the world grips on tight because he’s about to set it off!

Visit Sas and his music at:
To book artist call: 917-460-3200 

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