Premature or Nah? United States Congressman Drafting Articles of Impeachment Against Donald Trump

| May 24, 2017 | 0 Comments

It has been a little over a hundred days of Donald Trump’s presidency and now it may come to an abrupt end sooner than he expected. Congressman Al Green ( no relationship to the singer) from Texas, who serves the City of Houston, believes President Trump must be impeached because of Obstruction of Justice. He is citing the fact that Trump fired former FBI Directer James Comey during an investigation surrounding his campaign and possible collusion with Russia as well as asking him to drop his investigation. While there is currently a special prosecutor appointed by Deputy U.S. Attorney Rob Rosenstein to investigate any wrongdoing by Trump and his administration, Rep. Green believes that there is enough evidence to impeach the President.

“This is not something that I wanted to do, it’s something I feel compelled to do,” Green said in a CSPAN interview.

“We will move forward, and as a matter of fact, I am currently crafting, drafting if you will, articles of impeachment,” he stated to CSPAN.

What is the likelihood of Donald Trump being impeached this early in his presidency?

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