Producer Beef?! Swizz Beatz Arrogantly Responds to Bangladesh’s “Irrelevant” Diss (Interview Inside)

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Earlier this week, Bangladesh took shots toward Swizz Beatz calling him and his music irrelevant. According to an interiview with XXL Mag, Mr. Bangladesh believes he finds ways to reinvent himself better than most producers in the rap game—especially Swizz Beatz.

“I don’t think Swizz is relevant,” Bangladesh told XXL. “I’m keeping it 100.”

Through Bangladesh’s reasoning, it appears Bangladesh believes that Swizz Beatz gained his relevance not from award winning grammy performances, best producer awards, omnipresent Reebok campaigns or brand promoting as the face of Lotus cars, but by tieing the knot with R&B superstar Alicia Keys? Ouch.

“I think there’s a difference between relevance and musical relevance,” he says. “You married a lady that’s poppin’ [Alicia Keys], you know it’ll give you a lot of relevance, but you gotta make hits. Ain’t no hits. Are you relevant for the craft you’re doing or the life you live as far as the decisions you make?”

Swizz Beatz responds to his so-called “irrelevance” during an interview with Jack the Ripper. He pink-slipped Bang’s irrelevant claims, calling him a “clown,” as he made reference to his extensive résumé to rebut any doubts of his backbone in the rap industry.

“Don’t let this clown pump you up with this relevant. We at this video shoot right now. But you know anyways man, it’s all positive energy from me. I can’t get in that zone. I’m just happy to be here. Been doing this since 1998, 300 million-something sold. Domestically,” Swizz said.

The two exchanged words on twitter after Swizz tooks steps to defuse the situation. As for Bangladesh, it appears Bangladesh backed away from the comments stating that Swizzy wasn’t ‘relevant’ in his interview. In the end, it looks like the beef might already be squashed.

Check out Swizz Beatz interview with Jack the Ripper when he responds to Bangladesh’s “irrelevant” comments.

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 We are happy that realized those comments or the perception of them where ill-advised and a back peddle is surely in order. Stay focused on the music and that by far and large will assure both of the producers relevance for years to come.

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