Is There Still Proof that Beyonce Used Surrogate Mother?

| January 10, 2012 | 60 Comments

Just when you thought the rumor mill had finally shut its mouth about Beyonce using a surrogate mother, it looks like we may have more proof that she actually did use one.

According to Sandra Rose, Beyonce and Jay Z’s people went through an elaborate setup to get a surrogate mother, Beyonce and Jay Z to the maternity ward of Lenox Hill Hospital without being suspected. Security cameras in the hospital were covered with tape and employees were asked to turn in their cell phones as they entered the building. Allegedly, Jay Z and Beyonce waited in another room while the surrogate mother gave birth via C-section. Afterwards, she was only allowed to hold the baby for seconds before she was given to Beyonce.

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According to TMZ, the hospital is denying rumors that the entire maternity floor was sectioned off for the Hip Hop couple, as well as denying that they paid $1.3 million for their privacy. “The family does have its own security detail on site. However, the hospital has been and continues to be in control of managing all security at the facility. We have made every effort to make sure minimal disruption to other families experiencing the births of their own children over the past three days” said a Lenox Hill Hospital rep.

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  1. Liquanda says:

    Beyonce is such an exhibitionist that the fact that she would hide herself for the most part while pregnant is odd. Bet the kid comes out with a really light skin color and with blue eyes…she’ll continue to deny using a surrogate…she’ll say its from her side of the family, lol (more like her ancestors’ masters). I hate her now for being such a liar. Liar!

    Why be ashamed of such things?!?!?!

    • HHE Staff says:

      Good point!

    • karcer says:

      I guess people really don’t understand how surrogacy works. Even if she did use a surrogate, if they used her egg and his sperm, the baby is her biological child and would get her genes from them, not the surrogate. Having seen pictures of the baby now, that little girl definitely looks like Beyonce!

    • Lori says:

      What a racist indeed. Look up surrogate. Its both her and her husbands stuff for the most part. So may only have hazel eyes. Unreal how racist America is and can’t admit it !

    • kelli says:

      Shes actually really private about her relationships and stuff, so i don’t think its that shocking really. Why should anything to do with her family be anyone elses business?

    • sade` says:

      I coudn’t agree more. I’m so not a beyonce fan anymore!!

  2. Pamela W. says:

    I thought the suspicions were silly at first, but now I’m starting to believe it. In addition to the extended hospital stay for what was called a “natural and peaceful” delivery. Not sure I’m buying it anymore.

  3. leanna says:

    I think the whole idea of hiding their decision of surrogacy is a bit odd, being that they chose such a public way to announce the pregnancy. There could be several legit reasons why she took that route. Health and wellbeing come to mind. I’m not hating on them, but I feel sorry for them if they felt they had to go through such an elaborate hoax of pregnancy and childbirth only for media relations and vain imagery.Nevertheless, I will pray for their family

    • Jaymie says:

      But you know at least one paperazzi would have been able to get a pregnant belly pic. Isn’t it a big wierd that the only time she made an appearance with a “pregnant” belly it would go flat when she bent over. she should have just gotten one of the heavy pregnant belly strap ons instead of one that deflated.

  4. Illuminati Illuminati Illuminati! She waz never pregnant. The CIA planned Blue Ivy’s birth just like they planned Obamaz presidency 20yrs ago!

  5. Elaine says:

    such a god damn shame. Why did the family feel they had to lie to the world about her pregnancy and baby birth. What a sin.

  6. Are you blind or just being stupid? says:

    Seriously. How is anyone questioning this? It’s obvious she used a surrogate. How can you not have any bump 50 percent of the way through your pregnancy? How can you stomach literally fold in on itself? Answer: You can’t, and it can’t. Why the hell are people in denial about this? Can you see? Do your fucking eyes work? Wake up idiots, your the same ones who believe the president has any power and money isn’t obsolete. Wake up.

    • Lidia says:

      Agreed! Not mentioning the fact she never gained a pound! I remember seeing pics of J.Lo and other pregnant celebs and they looked positively bloated, as pregnant women do! As for Beyonce, she would turn up, well into her eight month, with high heels and her usual fantastic self. No puffed face or legs, no pregnant “glow”… NADA! Just that ridiculous tiny bump. A woman carrying a baby does NOT look like that! What is sad about this all mess is the hiding from the cameras and, in contradiction, the showing off with the fake bump. Who does she thinks she´s fooling?

    • T says:

      Honestly, that depends on the woman. I’ve had two high school teachers who were pretty far along in their pregnancy and no one knew about it until they announced that they were taking leave soon. They just didn’t show (One was 7 months along, the other 5). Some women just don’t show during their pregnancy at all, while others bloat like crazy. There are even cases of mothers not knowing their pregnant until they go into labor.

  7. Vanduri Milani says:

    My friend says she thought that beyonce was always selfish… but what i dont understand is why would she lie! =( i had faith in you Beyonce, i mean i still love you and all, but WHY!!!?? =(

  8. Baiaforever says:

    I think she did. When she revealed the alleged baby bump on the MTV awards it just seemed fake. Like she wasn’t really pregnant. There’s a glow that pregnant women have and she didn’t have it. I just didn’t believe it was real. So yes I think she got a surrogate. a large part of her success is her shaking her a** and she probably didn’t want to mess up her body for something so trivial you know as bringing your child in the world but I couldn’t think of no actually birthing my own baby. In carrying the baby in the 9 months you bond with your child as a mother. I think she missed that experience.

  9. Melissa Taylor says:

    If she did or didn’t SO WHAT!!!!!! It’s their business not ours! People need learn how to worry about their own problems and stop trying to create problems for other people!! Just be happy for her and her new healthy baby girl!!! This is suppose to be a happy time for her and her family!!! U people are CRAZY to think that she has to explain her life and personal business!!!!! Get a life u MISERABLE people and stop trying to make her life hell!!

    • Isha says:

      Thank you… All yaw fuckn hatin… Get the fuck off they team!!! If they did so the fuck what! If the want a whole fuckn room / floor to themselves and they got the money so fuckn be it! Yaw worried about shit that’s pointless! DAMN!!!! I still like her ass regardless!!

    • Darlene says:

      i swear i was just reading people comments and i said to myself so what its her bizzz and the next thing i know i was reading your comment. i couldn’t say it better myself.

      • Naomi says:

        Everyone has an opinion but the point is…when you start lying to your fans (the ppl who made you who you are)by faking a pregnancy it becomes a bit more personal and disappointing. If you were ever pregnant you know Beyonce was never pregnant(bellies don’t fold), and if she had a surrogate that’s fine, really. But would her fan’s love her any less or would she be less famous? I don’t think so since her fans are so forgiving and accepting to her faking a pregnancy now. I just don’t think we should be this naive and oblivious to the things we see with our own two eye’s. That’s the point some of us would like to oversee or see as a technicality. If you want to be sheep that is on you…but don’t knock people for speaking the truth.

        • Icyfire says:

          very well put!!

        • Kylea says:

          bellies dont fold but dresses do..arent you a woman? Have you ever had on a cottony dress that flowed funny?

          • sade` says:

            Yes it is true that cotteny dresses can fold to a certain extent, but her facial reaction was a dead give away. Take a look at the video for yourself guys and get out of her ass! When she glided out there in her heels and belly folded, her eyes lit up as to say “I hope he didn’t just realize that!!” I was an adament fan of Beyonce’s and despised any down talk or play against her until I opened my eyes to reality. Her and Jay z’s net worth is so high until they could buy their way out of anything. People worry about getting your own money up instead of kissing up and idolizing someone who could care less about you!! —sick of it

  10. Gina says:

    I agree with you Melissaa, @ the end of the day,they are Human and normal pple, they don’t owe anyone anything..and certainly no explantion of their decisions.

  11. Trisha says:

    We all kmow she fake the pregnancy because her stomach was just too small from 8-9 months. It just doesnt look right. I feel sorry for her because if she didnt have to lie about it.

  12. NellyV says:

    Wow u know what i think you all should myob does not matter how she got her the fact is that she is people make choices based on whats good for them. Put yall feet n there shoes wit the fame n everything they may have had good reason. You mean to me that a woman that has everything and the one thing she was set on this earth to do she couldnt as woman idk how it would make me feel so maybe she had good reason either way u all would have talked about her rather she hired one or not if she told us she did u all would have something else to say about that so…. Who cares not yall baby how bout yall b happy for her try that…

  13. Mel says:

    I really want to believe that she had this baby. I don’t think that people should care about a person that they perceive as being so selfish. One of the most celebrated women artists does not pose on the cover of magazine like every other famous celebrity? She is scantly clad any other day but now can’t show her “baby bump”? She could have brought the freaking hospital to her house if was going to have it “naturally”. The good thing is they have always been private so this hush hush baby is no surprise. I read a quote of her saying, she felt an instant connection when she saw the baby. Duh, any woman that has ever been pregnant knows that connection is there the entire 9 months. You don’t look at them one the baby is born and say, Ah! Now i feel connected! SMH

    • Keepingitreal says:

      I agree with just about everyone. The dates just don’t add up. If people would only look at the facts instead of who she is; never looked pregnant and hid her so called pregnant belly throughout the pregnancy. Too many people think with their hearts instead of their heads. Jeremiah 17:9; “the heart is a treacherous thing who can trust it”. Time will tell if this baby is truly hers.

  14. Seven says:

    Who gives a flying fart if its real or fake! Yal act like she lied to you personally or like she know you personally! Reading these comments I feel more sorry for more of you than Beyonce! She is an entertainer that means entertain you but ALL OF HER BUSINESS IS NONE OF YOURS! So…..explain to me (real or fake) who are any of you that she has to put on a show? She is Beyonce not God and a lot of you need a therapist and a reality check!!!!!!!!!

    • Nicole says:


  15. Treasure says:

    It’s just that she lied and she didn’t have to. I do feel sorry for Beyonce. It seems that her life is falling apart. So she is doing the extrem to make her life seem perfect. It’s sad cuz now this sweet baby is in the middle of thier mess. Part of being an entertainer is that your whole life is looked at every part of your life. Its heart breaking I just hope she gets it together for this babys.

  16. Kacey adams says:

    —— It’s quite obvious that she used a surragate. I feel if you will lie about something as monumental as this — then what else have you or will you lie about. I put her in the same boat as Janet Jackson. She lied about a nine year marriage! So when I see her on interviews or weight loss ads I switch the channel. I have no more respect for her just as I now fell about Beyonce as well. —-Heaven forbid if Beyonce decides to come out with a workout video claiming “THIS IS HOW I LOST ALL MY BABY WEIGHT!” That would be the ultimate insult

    • Lee says:

      But with Janet, it was more that she didn’t tell the world about the marriage; she really didn’t LIE, she just hid it. This is the opposite, because Beyonce actually went out of her way to tell the whole world a massive untruth! And then the fake stomach folding on TV, the fake boobs, the hospital drama! And all not quite well thought out enough, too many slip-ups.

  17. Heaven says:

    I can’t believe how fake beyonce is

  18. star says:

    All I know is if she gave birth naturally she would have been out in 2 days, I dont like when people blatanly lie thats all. just dont say anything. fyi you can use a surrogate mother with her eggs and his sperm

  19. Nicole says:


    • Icyfire says:

      I Can agree with you regarding perhaps she had PERSONAL reasons not to elaborate on why a surrogate may have been used. (I must say, from the minute her pregnancy was mentioned- Jessica Simpson was about the same months apart and Jessica is NOW in her last trimester-while beyonce is combing her new baby’s hair) But aside from that, the point is NO ONE WAS ASKING HER, SHE VOLUNTEERED to let the world know she was pregnant by showing her “bump” during a performance. Therefore I can understand why it is very discerning for many people to know that she was not in-fact pregnant. Unfortunately, If she didn’t say anything, people would question where did the baby come from and since she chose to “stage” that she was in-fact pregnant- people still questioned if it was true. It was a lose-lose situation, but she would have saved some face- had she not made a grandious announcement as if it were true.

  20. Nicole says:


  21. Mr A says:

    When my wife was pregnant she lost weight, it is not uncommon to lose or not gain weight not every pregnancy is the same! As for the small bump maybe she just had a small baby or she carried more in her back???

    The reason why some people may feel pissed off is because they grew up listening to her and been influenced by her. Every since she became “beyonce” she became public property as in if we don’t buy her products then she would have been a nobody. If she used a surrogate then she should have came out in a different way and if it was natural then good for them.

  22. Keepingitreal says:

    Come on! All CAPS for something like this; hilarious. If she’s such a nobody why get upset about it. The point of the coversation is why lie about it. Like someone mentioned before if she’s dishonest in this what elese is she dishonest about. Dishonesty is a big thing in gods eyes. Satan is the father of lies. If you believe in god you would not respect or like anyone that lies. I know that we are in perfect people; Adam and Eve caused us to be inperfect. One small lie leads to another and to another.

    Pregnant women don’t hide their bellies and then all of a sudden show off their baby less than 10 months later.

  23. Dmomma says:

    I don’t believe for a hot second she was pregnant. Too much proof out there.. But caps screamer is right. All I gotta say is hopefully they got a sperm donor ..just to eliminate the risk of that kid looking like Jay-Z…. Cause all the money in the world can’t fix ugly .. And my GOD that dude is homely as h~ll !!!!

  24. chrissylynn says:

    I do not believe she was ever pregnant and she did a horrible job of trying to make it look like she was. Her belly would go from large to small , when she went to sit down on the show she was on her belly crumbled like she had a pillow underneath and in September she was shot wearing a bikini with an almost flat stomach and she would have been like 5 months pregnant at the time

  25. Bunnie says:

    The main point for me is she lied. All she had to do was simply tell the truth. It really makes her look bad. There are alot of women that can’t have children. Its nothing to be ashamed of. Her surrogate is giving her a precious life and she ought to be recognized for doing such a selfless act. It is Beyonces business but why lie about it?

  26. DuanesPrincess says:

    Who cares if she had a surrogate mother or not? Maybe there’s medical reasons why she did it? I don’t know, but just cause someone has money, doesn’t mean that their body is perfect. We’re all humans. Everyone has at least some kind of imperfection in their hody, some more serious than others. All that should matter is that the baby is healthy, along with the mother and the surrogate (whether it be true or not). Did it even cross your mind that it could be a sensitive subject that she feels she doesn’t want the world to know about right now? Yes, being famous, the world is goin to know your business, like it or not. But that’s not the point. The point is that she is no different than the rest of us. If she had a surrogate, then so be it. Give her the respect and dignity she deserves.

  27. e says:

    UMMM if she used a surrogate mother it doesnt mean its not hers seriously…it is her embryo that they implanted in another woman to carry//probably cause she didnt wanna mess up her body. i do believe she used donor sperm though with her own eggs becAuse that baby does NOT look like jay z one bit

  28. A'smom says:

    I will state this pure and simple. She never gave birth. Pictures prove it and her own metabolism does also. She has never been skinny, but never gained weight while pregnant and in several other photos since the birth, she already lost all the weight then some. Sorry it doesn’t work like that. Three weeks after her supposed birth she Was back to her pre baby weight. As a fitness professional who just had a baby, there is no way she had it. Hormone levels after birth stay elevated for several weeks which makes it almost impossible to lose the weight in that time. There are exceptions but those are the type of women that are 90 lbs soaking wet. Even with a trainer and hardcore diet, it would be almost impossible to do. She lied, so what,big deal,. I think a lot of women look to her and will expect similar post pregnancy weight loss. This is a dangerous message. Women have enough issues after pregnancy with body image, that they don’t need to feel worse because they could’t lose the weight fast enough like Beyonce. Irresponsible. Just be honest like Sarah Jessica Parker did. The first did a number on her body, so the second was by surrogate. At least she was honest. If I had the money, and wanted another baby, I might consider it also.

    • Icyfire says:

      I agree with your comment! honesty is key, ESPECIALLY when you are in the publc eye and are very well aware that your image and how you carry yourself may affect the choices your fans make as well.

  29. Andrea says:

    I can believe the she did some shit like that because why would u cover security cameras with tape and when ur pregnant ur stomach doesn’t fold Over like that and did u see the pictures after she had the baby her and hair and makeup was in place everybody know that after u have a baby u r sweated out and tired and also the baby looks mixed

  30. keeping it real says:

    Who gives a flying fuck if she did or didnt.If I had her money and body I would do the same thing. But I wouldn’t hide shit. It would be her eggs and Jay-Z sperm. The surrogate is just the carrier. Wake up rich people do this type of shot all the time. Angela Nasser did it and she have twins. Jay is the phone ass. He rap about how women were Bitches. Until he had his daughter. NOW HE HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT. He will no longer use that word.

    • Icyfire says:

      Def. agree about “seeing the light” now that it affects him and his family LOL Now he doesn’t refer to women as “B’s” because he is hopefully trying to desensitize all his followers from possibly calling his daughter one! Sad how that is what it took for him to realize he shouldn’t have been using that word in the first place, but on a lighter note, happy to see he has grown up!

  31. keeping it real says:

    I meant to say Angela Basset, did this and her surrogate delivered twins. There is no law that say entertainers are required to tell you all of their business. I say she could do better Jay-Z. uhg! But Beyonce, is a ride a die chick. it don’t matter if your man is slinging someone else. It don’t matter how good you look. That man will go out and Fuck, ssomebody else. I wish them luck. A baby don’t keep people together anymore.

  32. Regian says:

    I do believe she used a surrogate. The deflated stomach when she tried to sit down for an internive was the ultimate proof. It is really no one’s business if she did. Maybe she did it for health reasons, or maybe she is sterile, but the real reason is probably because she didn’t want to have her body image changed by pregnancy. Any woman who has been pregnant knows your body does change after childbirth and she already has a voluptuous body. Maybe she thought she wouldn’t be able to lose the weight, and also, she would have to go through months of physical exercise and dieting to get her pre-pregnancy weight back. That means months of not being able to work in the way she did before. At least, that is what we normal women go through after childbirth. The baby will still have her and Jay Z’s genetic makeup if his sperm and her eggs were used. I personally think the baby looks more like Jay Z. The baby has his full lips. I just don’t understand why they couldn’t be honest with their fans. Surrogacy happens everyday for different reasons. If she had a selfish reason for using a surrogacy, she may have thought the fans wouldn’t be so forgiving and that is why she and JayZ lied.

  33. Icyfire says:

    I am neither defending nor opposed to the possibility that Beyonce may have used a surrogate- I questioned the pregnancy myself (remembering Jessica Simpson was very close in months when Beyonce announced hers, Jessica has yet to give birth and Beyonce already has snapshots of her child) but kept it to myself because it really didn’t mean much to may, I also take into consideration there may be very personal reasons behind her choice that could be detrimental for Beyonce herself to talk about, but whatever the reasons are- it’s done…end of story.

    After reading some of the comments here though I would like to comment on putting Stars on pedastals and creating a level of denial just to preserve the wholeness of a favored Star

    Many People say- “You don’t know her/him personally” or “the public doesn’t own her/his privacy” Guess what? Unfortunately, YES- The Public does own Stars (they own them because they are the ones who created and help preserve the Star, therefore Stars should consider themselves Public Domain) In-fact everyone except the Star owns the Star (and this includes: Managers, Agents, Publicists etc.) A good example of that is Prince not being able to use his BIRTHNAME after leaving his label because they OWNED the name in regards to him as an entertainer.

    Giving up most if not all of their personal life is an ABSOLUTE trait that comes with the title!! and regarding another common comment: “fans/people not knowing them personally in order to pass judgement”- they don’t need to know Stars personally- STARS ARE PUBLIC FIGURES- meaning they are made readily available to the THE PUBLIC, this includes being praised, mocked and scrutinized under the public eye (ther is nothing PERSONAL involved in the formula that makes STARDOM)

    I personally have not the most minimal interest in Star’s personal lives- what they do or don’t do but people need to stop living in oblivion and saying their opinions from a biased perspective. SEE things and people for what and who they are- not all truths will be sugar-coated and not all realities will be happy ones….and that INCLUDES the ones of your favorite Stars!!

  34. edwils says:

    I’m sorry B & J! Miss Blue looks incredibly like both parents and she is awesome. God Bless your family, we love you.

  35. Joan says:

    I really think Beyonce used a surrogate too. The numbers just don’t add up and her whole pregnancy was very strange to me. Nothing seemed to be real genuine about the whole situation. But that’s her business and yes it is agreed that is her biological child, no doubt.

  36. nana says:

    you guys should make some research,don’t you know some women get pregnant and they do no bloat and their tummies looks flat?i know a couple of them and they gave birth naturally without using a surrogate.please know your facts before accusing other people.

  37. ShawyBhadd says:

    well beyonce’ should be ashame of her self . because she wont let nobody see the baby , and she stopped Rihanna from seeing it because she said Rihanna is dumb for talking to Chris Brown again but all that money just to have a privite room for a baby that she didnt even give birth to ,

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