PSA: Georgia in Desperate need of Adoptive Families

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The Georgia Department of Family and Children Services are in need of adoptive families for over 300 children in their care according to a recent report. The need lies most for “forever families” for sibling groups and teenagers.

Determined to find adoptive families, DFCS will incorporate teen and sibling group highlights. “Each week for the next five weeks, DFCS will highlight a teen or sibling group that is looking for a family in the hopes that not only they will find an adoptive family but that it will also lead to the adoption of other children in foster care,” according to the report.

Every child deserves a loving home and it is DFCS’ goal to bring attention to the need for adoptive families. “Building awareness about adoption opportunities and recruiting adoptive parents is a key initiative for DFCS.”

Teenagers are among the highest of those in need of adoptive homes. “Teenagers need and want families too,” said DFCS Director Bobby Cagle. “Often teens are overlooked when prospective families are looking to adopt. But I think most would agree that it is during adolescence that children really need parental love, guidance and support. We have a large number of teens all over the state of Georgia who are eligible for adoption and are waiting for families,” he said.

This week’s spotlight is 16 year-old Joseph who is wants a loving and supportive family.

He enjoys attending church, spending time with his friends, participating in sports and playing with animals. Joseph is highly intelligent and enjoys school with plans to be an engineer when he grows up.  Finding an adoptive family for him is very important because he believes that all children, including teenagers, deserve a loving family. Joseph remains hopeful that he will connect with a “forever family” that will help guide him as he transitions into adulthood and will be there to support him throughout his success.

For more information about Joseph, the adoption process and other children looking for an adoptive family, call 877.210.KIDS or visit


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