Racist or Not? “Obama Hanging On A Noose” Sightings From North Carolina To California and The Men Behind These Bold Displays (Videos Inside)

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One North Carolina man has boldly been traveling up and down the East Coast, with a puppet wagon that displays the lynching of several politicians, including President Obama.

VR Phipps is the man behind this shocking creation, and he stands behind the statement that “it’s not mean to be racist.” The older man says that he’s riding around with this truck in effort to fight for the justice of family members that were killed by local police officers.

He even staged a “meeting with Obama” by using a Barack mannequin to create the video “President Obama Visits the Hanging in Effigy”.  Check it out below.

In a recent YouTube video, Phipps claims, “All we want is what Trayvon Martin’s family wants, justice.” He continues to deny racism repetitively, stating, “You say its racism, well, I tell you it’s not. It’s absolutely not. We have been hanging people in effigy when George Bush was President. I would have hanged him no problem. It wouldn’t have been a problem at all.”

Phipps isn’t the only man trying to make some heavy statement using “Obama on a noose” as the chosen form of art. A man in California, by the name of Eddie Million, used a Halloween decoration of “Obama on a noose” at his home.

Neighbors complained that it was disturbing and disrespectful, and one man told reporters that the décor was completely racially offensive due to the nation’s history of lynching Black men.

Million explains that the effigy wasn’t meant to be racist, instead it was meant to be “spooky” and a harmless Halloween decoration. He told reporters, “This is just a misunderstanding. This is getting all blown out of proportion. It’s down. It’s gone. We didn’t want to hurt the president. It was just for a party.”
Either way, the Secret Service took the matter seriously, paying the man a visit and delivering a stern warning. Million told reporters, “They said that [incident] could have been construed as a threat to the president. They said my name is going to be on file. They said they’re just going to make note…”

Eddie Million has since then admitted that placing Obama on a noose was a “bad” idea that he regrets. Neither of the men tend to “disrespect” Obama [so they claim], but these strange craft formations compare quite well to the same images displayed at a Pakistan Anti-America protest, where they too used a “Obama in a noose” display to make a statement.

 Harmless Halloween prop or did Millions mean different? What about VR Phipps? Let us know what you think!

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