Racist Texas Cop Suspended After Pulling Gun on Teens, Throws 14-Year Old Girl on the Ground

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McKinney, Texas is the latest home of excessive force used by a police officer. Again the victims were unarmed and black. The cop pictured above name is Eric Casebolt and he is also the same guy doing his best James Bond impression in the beginning of the video when he rolls on the ground.

Casebolt has been suspended after this video of a pool party being shut down ends with him aggressively throwing a teenage girl to the ground and then pulling a gun on some of the kids. Two officers went to restrain him once the weapon was pulled as he clearly was on a maniacal rampage.

The officers were called to the community pool to respond a, “disturbance involving multiple juveniles at the location, who do not live in the area or have permission to be there, refusing to leave.” That comes courtesy of the McKinney Police Department Facebook page.

A fight also broke out between and a mom and a girl also, where the partygoers said that they were making racist comments to them. Grace Jones, a white 14-year old told Buzzfeed, when she and her friends were offended and responded to the comments the adult woman became violent.

Brandon Brooks age 15, was brave enough to record the incident and upload it to YouTube. His comments to BuzzFeed are even more eye-opening to how out of control the officer was. He said, “Everyone who was getting put on the ground was black, Mexican, Arabic,” he said. “[The cop] didn’t even look at me. It was kind of like I was invisible.” Brooks also noted out of all the people placed on the in handcuffs he only knows of one even going to the police station.

What seemed to begin all this was the party was promoted on Twitter, as it was their way of celebrating the end of school. While admittedly people did jump the fence to get to the pool, Brooks who also found out via twitter said mostly everyone their came via guest passes. The amount of kids seemed to upset the people who were there and then racist comments were made which led to the fight that the cops responded to.

Casebolt had handcuffed bystanders and when he approached the young girl while swearing at her and friends she began to walk away as he was ordering. It appears something was said and he went and grab her by the braids and when others came to fend him off her, he drew out his gun like a coward. Also towards the end of the video one young man who was chased by the other two is caught and looks as if he was suffering an injury himself as he looks to be coughing up blood.

This is how you handle unarmed trespassers at a pool party? When a biker gang killed 9 people the reaction was far from the actions of the super trooper Eric Casebolt. Police officers continuing to make a mountain out of a mole hill has to stop. These officers are acting as plantation overseers drunk with power hiding behind a badge.

If you defend the cops actions then you honestly need a mental reevaluation. While trespassing is wrong, at what point does that warrant the actions of those cops? A fight happened between two people and one according all reports was the aggressor and yet she was not detained. All that happens is the cop takes a mini vacation and that needs to end now. He needs to be immediately terminated, there was nothing he did that was justifiable. Eric Casebolt is just another low life, pathetic thug hiding behind a badge that does not deserve to wear it.

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