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da-brat-racks-on-racksDa Brat showing off her “Racks”

Is it a fad, a trend or a genuine interest in both sexes? Scores of women are experimenting and freeing themselves from the judgments of society and taking their sexuality into their own hands. Pop stars have glorified the appeal and curiosity of female on female sex. Rihanna pushed the envelope beyond borders with her public make out sessions, fondling Nicki Minaj and her suggestive lyrics and videos. Eve is seen in numerous photos in the act with females.

Has the urban entertainment industry embraced homosexuality and tried to make it a fashion accessory? Studies show that many women have their first homosexual experiences in their late teens to young adult ages. When asked most women preferred to be in a relationship with a man but have fun with a woman. Are they doing this for moral purposes or are men really needed at all in a woman’s life. Several male and female relationships have ended due to curiosity and experiments gone awry.

We’re impartial to the matter and we don’t judge someone’s own sexual preference. To each its own, but how does the general public feel about this centuries long phenomenon coming back so prevalent in urban entertainment?

 In the beginning bisexuality was neither mentioned nor often shunned from the entertainment industry, now it’s embraced “somewhat”.

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