Rapper G. Dep On Confessing To Murder ‘I’d Do It Again’ [Video]

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Rapper G. Dep did an exclusive interview with ABC news

G Dep
Rapper G. Dep, real name Trevell Coleman, was on his way to a promising music career, under the Bad Boys label, before his life changed. The Harlem rapper ended up being the prime suspect in a murder, at the age of 39, that landed him in prison. G. Dep, which stands for Ghetto Dependent,  did an exclusive interview with ABC news, about his ‘confession to murder’. G. Dep considered that turning himself into the police for the crime, as being a ‘personal sacrifice’.

“That was the only way I could have been absolved,” he stated in the interview. The robbery crime G-Dep committed at the young age of 19, placed him in prison – after he confessed what happened.

Coleman told ABC:

‘”He was standing under the scaffolding on Park Avenue, 114th street. … I was riding my bike,” he recalled. “I told him, ‘Give me the money.’ … He was kind of, you know, unresponsive.”

Coleman tossed the gun that he killed the stranger with, in to the East River in Harlem and kept quiet. Coleman landed his deal with Sean Combs, changing his life for the better. Although things were better for G. Dep financially, his past and the guilt of shooting the man haunted him terribly. G. Dep recalled that even after the robbery occurred, police asked him if he knew anything about a ‘shooting’. G. Dep stated that since the police used the term ‘shooting’, instead of ‘murder’ that he believed the man was still alive. The haunting memory of killing an innocent man, continued to lay heavy on G. Dep’s conscience.

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