Raven Symoné Puts You in a Georgia State of Mind

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In her new series, State of Georgia, Raven-Symoné plays Georgia Chamberlain, a confident Southern girl who moves to New York to become a star. With the help of her best friend Jo (Majandra Delfino), and her Aunt Honey (Loretta Devine), Georgia does whatever it takes — like working odd jobs — to make it big.


The project is from ABC Studios. The pilot was written by author Jennifer Weiner (In Her Shoes) and Jeff Greenstein (Desperate Housewives). The show was originally called The Great State of Georgia before being changed to State of Georgia.

In the season premiere we see Georgia, an aspiring actress who is eager to get a part in the stage production of Damn Yankees, but is told by the director that she is too big for the role. She then does some seducing to change his mind.


Unlike her role in That’s so Raven, Raven-Symoné has matured and grown into a young woman who knows what she wants and will do what she must to achieve it. This show is funny and entertaining, appealing to different audiences and will definitely grow on you. While she has a “doe-eyed” approach to the business, Georgia Chamberlain will grow into a vixen before your eyes.



Watch the full episode below! State of Georgia airs every Wednesday at 8:30/7:30c on ABC Family.

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