[Reality Recap] Love And Hip Hop Atlanta “Reunion Special” Part 2

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Security escorting Joseline out of the building.

Security escorting Joseline out of the building.

This week we finally get to see the fight that broke out between Joseline, Stevie, and the rest of the cast of Love and Hiphop: Atlanta. During the show, which was expected to be a calmy discussion about the show, instantly turned into a reality TV nightmare. After a numerous amount of name called shade referring to “drug use”, it seem that Joseline and Stevie J were against everyone in their view.


Stevie J and Joseline seconds before the craziness began.

Unlike any other reality TV show reunion special, the Love and Hiphop camera crew gave viewers an  inside look of what happens backstage and when the cameras were not rolling. During the break, you get to  witness what caused the tension and how the altercation started. “Turned up” versions of Joseline and  Stevie both get up and attack Benzino and Althea before security could grab them and escort them away.

After the physical drama with Benzino and Althea, Joseline breaks free from security and attacks Walka Flocka Flame’s wife Tammy Rivera. Although she does swing and miss, Joseline manages to snatch Tammy’s waist-length ponytail out. Leaving it up to Deb (Walka’s Mother) to step in and protect a clueless and petite Tammy, who claims that she “loves women but won’t take any drama or mess when it comes to her family!”


Tammy Rivera shocked by Joseline’s rage.

Meanwhile, Mimi who is walking backstage in a hallway becomes the third victim of Joseline’s rampage. Her married lover Nikko is backstage in on the dressing rooms texting and scrolling on his Instagram. It’s very obvious that he never had true feelings for Mimi and was using her for fame because when asked on camera about his whereabouts during the altercation, he claimed that he was “escorted” out of the situation and was unable to protect his girlfriend, but the black and white footage says otherwise.

The rest of the cast continues on with the reunion special but this time instead of addressing their own embarrassing issues they begin discussing the events that happened minutes before. Like Joseline and Stevie’s alleged “drug problems”, rage issues, the victimizing of fame, and hopefully beginning an intervention for Joseline.

Will Joseline and Stevie return for the third part of the reunion special?

Watch the drama below:

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