Recap: Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Season 3: Episode 15)

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Words by Nadia Shakur

As if the plot couldn’t get any thicker on this episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, episode 15 proved to be a jaw dropper.”You’ve been diagnosed with THOTism” is the line of the week which was delivered by Atlanta rapper Yung Joc viciously to ex-girlfriend Karlie Redd.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Karlie Redd spazzes out about Yung Joc bringing his side piece to fashion show

The tongue lashing administered by the rapper was the result of Karlie Redd calling him on the carpet for lying about being out of town and then showing up at castmate Erica Dixon’s fashion show with his “personal assistant” KD who Karlie Redd labeled a “Telly Tubby”.

We all know the Karlie Redd and Yung Joc have a new single in the works so this debacle will be a major obstacle for the project.  As if the sad mess stew couldn’t get any hotter, our girl Mimi Faust must deal with the new found martial status of her boyfriend and sex tape co-star Nikko. In the wake of her father’s death and sex tape scandal, Mimi Faust has even more unappetizing items on her plate to swallow and we are praying this course doesn’t cause her to choke. As we see the foundation under some of the cast members crumble, Benzino and Althea foundation may be getting stronger as the two plan to walk down the aisle of matrimony.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Debra Antney consoles Mimi Faust on the death of her father

Lets just hope the prenuptial non-agreement with a rushed wedding around the corner isn’t a recipe for disaster, especially with Thi Thi’s admission of “wanting to own half of Hip Hop Weekly one day”. I don’t know about you all but that sounds a bit premeditated to me but who am I to judge right?.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Benzino and future wifey Althea briefly discuss the possibility of her signing a prenuptial agreement

We would be remises if we didn’t mention the fact that Erica Dixon and Momma Dee finally have buried the hatchet as they have decided to get along for the sake of her daughter Imani which is the best decision that could have happen between these two.

As the smoke clears in the aftermath of hurricane Joseline and the Hip Hop Weekly cover featuring Mimi, we await the fallout from the nuclear bomb Stevie J is going to drop called ” I smashed the homies girl” in episode 16 airing next week.

Needless to say this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is proof that in the game of Music and Love, all that glitters clearly aint gold.

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