Relationship 101: Is Snooping on Your Mate Justifiable in A Relationship?

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The 2014 year has just kicked off…seriously though we have not even made it through one month and infidelity is the topic of the year thus far. Recently, in the media we’ve heard about Dwayne Wade cheating (or on break) from Gabrielle Union and having a baby. We brought you the story of Ludacris and his new “baby mama drama” with Tamika Fuller (Click here if you completely missed out).

Jay and Bey

The topic also surfaced on “Blood Sweat and Heels,” the new Bravo TV show. On the season premiere of “Blood Sweat and Heels” the ladies discussed whether it is right or wrong to go through phones, emails, etc. and mixed views sparked confrontation. We are now compelled to ask: Is snooping on your mate justifiable in a relationship?

Surely most people believe in the value of trust in a relationship and are quick to say “I’ve never done that before.” Then we have people who say “Hell yeah, how else are you going to know the truth?” Let’s be honest, with the recent scandals in the media celebrities Dwayne Wade and Chris “Ludacris” Bridges sometimes that urge to check the phone when they step to the bathroom turns into action. What’s up with the guy/girl who likes every picture via social network? Whether you agree or disagree. Whether you snoop or not. Don’t be so quick to judge.

A little snooping might just save you money and peace of mind but if you’re wrong it could end a good relationship.

But in the end it is you and only you that will have to live with that decision unless of course if children are involved.

Our advice is to choose wisely!

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