Right or Wrong? Teen Girl Disrespects Bus Driver and He Reacts With Upper Cut to The Jaw (video inside)

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Who is right and who is wrong? Recently a bus driver in Cleavland Ohio got into an altercation with a teenaged girl on a bus. How this argument started, we might never know. The person who video taped it (who is very much in the wrong) started the tape when the argument was coming to a head. This young lady was disrespecting the bus driver, swearing up a storm. You can clearly hear her friends in the background hyping her up. At one point you see her approach him. It is said that at that moment she spit in his face. Well that was all he could take. The bus driver got up and hit her with an upper-cut. He would then grab her by her throat and choke her. By this time, all the passengers, who sat quietly and watched, began to break up the fight. By this time, she had her ponytail pulled out and was now threatening him by saying “I’m gonna have my nigga gonna beat the brakes off you my nigga. My daddy too.”

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This bus driver has been suspended and he is clearly in the wrong for what he did. You never put hands on anybody unless, especially a teenaged girl. But who else is in the wrong here? You can see in the video a grown man sitting and watching all this happen as well as several grown women. Rather than interject, they watched from the sidelines. It wasn’t until the first punch was thrown that anybody stepped in to do anything and by then it was too late. So my question is, “Who was really wrong in this instance?” She was disrespecting an adult, in front of adults and nobody said a word. Instead, they pulled out cameras and taped the nonsense, hoping to make it to worldstar. He was properly disciplined and will probably see jail time and she will receive some type of punishment herself I hope. But what about those who watched? Is there something inherently wrong with our society to where something like this is considered entertainment? Where do we cross the line?Where do see ourselves in the situation and say “I wouldn’t want that to be my father/mother or grandfather/mother,” or “I wouldn’t my sister/brother, niece/nephew to be acting this way in public” and interject ourselves in hopes of calming the situation down? When did we become spectators in situations like this?

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