@Rihanna Pulling Out Her Big Guns for GQ Magazine Shoot and She Aint Wearing Much!

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I see you RI RI! You got all the women around the world 38 hot with your flawless body. GQ Magazine pulled out the big guns to ensure that no copy of this magazine is left behind. Men and women alike are drooling over these steamy pictures. But enough about Rihanna’s sex appeal, sike I was just playing! In her interview with Jay Bulger a writer for GQ she states her highly sexual personality steams from her cultured roots. In her culture her body is viewed natural and beautiful, so why shouldn’t it be on display.

It’s no secret that the singer oozes sex through her powerful lyrics and through the essence that makes her Rihanna the girl America loves to hate but, can’t get enough of.  Rihanna states that she views herself as art work. Well RI RI I’m sure that most of the world is down to buy whatever your selling. The singer admits to making music that people can relate to. Music is about feeding the soul and when the listener can relate and feel every lyric that is playing that is when music is in its rarest form.

Rihanna also shares one of her turn ons during the interview as well. She states that she likes the man to play the leading role in the relationship. What woman doesn’t want that? It’s nice when the man can play his role and does it well. It’s a fact that being bad never looked so good. Rihanna is definitely bringing the heat and Miss Thang approves!

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