Rihanna\’s New “S&M” Remix With Pop Singer Brittany Spears

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While in Los Angeles, CA Rihanna made her rounds and interviewed with KISS FM with radio personality Ryan Seacrest; she was able to speak about her new collaboration and her opinions on Khloe and Lamar. Rihanna’s remixed to hit single “S&M” features none other than, pop singer Brittany Spears; this version surfaced on the internet earlier this week.

Rihanna speaks about S&M Remix:

“It was all within less than a week. We knew we wanted to put out a remix but we were just trying to figure out who so I asked my fans on Twitter who they would they most want me to collaborate with, without giving them any ideas. We already had Britney in our mind but it came back Britney was one of the most popular names, so it was like ‘Okay, perfect.’

“Then we had to see if Britney would even be into it and we had to wait on that, and after she got back to us it was an automatic, it was a go. She was like, ‘I would love to do it,’ she was very, very great, very professional. And she worked really hard at it, she went right to the studio and got it done and it came back, and now the world gets to hear it.”

Rihanna’s thoughts on Khloe And Lamar Show:

After watching The Khloe And Lamar Show Rihanna states, “Crazy just watched your show y’all make me wanna barf…” During the interview with Ryan Seacrest, Rihanna states, “Besides me being single, it makes it really difficult to watch Khloe and Lamar! They’re so in love. I mean, they’re so cute, it really is so great to see a little bit into their personal lives because people are so judgmental from the outside in; but really and truly, they have such a magical connection and it was really special to see that.[Ryan: They’re ‘gooey’ passionate in love with each other] Which is why I hate them! I’m not watching it next week! (laughs)”

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