Road Warriors: Cool Amerika Talks Their New Mixtape, Touring And More

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This past Monday night, many media types packed Aroma Lounge in Atlanta to hear some new music from two of the ATL’s best new voices.

In order to become an act to watch in Atlanta, Bally and Stunt a.k.a Cool Amerika had to take a few road trips. Just a glance at their Instagram account, the two have hit every major event to promote their music and perform tracks of their mixtapes. The formula worked.

After making the road their home for close to two years, the two have come back to Atlanta with a hit song, new mixtape and a lot of expectations.

After playing cuts from their 17-track mixtape, No Taxes 2, HHE had the chance to speak with the two about how they met, hitting the road as hard and their new mixtape and more.

HHE: How did you guys clique up to become a group?

Cool Amerika Stunt: Since day one. I’ve known him since 8th grade. He was a grade ahead of me, but we were always together running the streets.

HHE: What made you two get in the music game?

Cool Amerika Bally Baby: We’ve been doing this really since high school. Budda had been doing production since then. We were recording on the computer then, Windows XP (laughs)

HHE: If anyone looks on your Instagram the first thing you’ll notice is that you’re out-of-town a lot. New Orleans, Houston. Speak to us about that grind. What keeps you on the road like that?

Cool Amerika Stunt: We have a strong label that keeps us on the road. Everybody believes in us over here so we do what we have to do to get to the top.

HHE: Right now, you have a hit with “Make Sum Shake”.

Cool Amerika Bally Baby: Really, we sat on that song for about a year. We had to get it right you know. I brought it my bro Stunt and he went crazy on it. We debuted it last year at SXSW and the reaction was crazy so we just pushed it. Since then, mix shows picked up, it’s made it in rotation.

HHE: Now you got No Taxes 2. Speak about the mixtape for those who won’t get to hear it until later.

Cool Amerika Bally Baby: No Taxes 2, the movie. The mixtape game ain’t how it used to be. We had to give our fans something more like a movie. We got one producer mainly, Buddha Bless, he produced the whole thing basically except one song that Zaytoven did.

HHE: You don’t see many acts working with just one producer anymore. How did you guys meet Buddha and get to have him produce your entire mixtape.

Cool Amerika Stunt: It’s always been like that since day one.

Cool Amerika Bally Baby: Me and Buddha sat in a hotel for about a month just cooking up. We got that grind together and it works.

HHE: What will we remember Cool Amerika for when it’s all said and done.

Cool Amerika Bally Baby: We were individuals. We set trends. We the new revolution.

Featuring guest spots from Rocko, Offset and more, cop their new mixtape here


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