@RoscoeDash Mad At @KanyeWest For Not Giving Him Credit, Goes On Twitter Rant and Looks Foolish

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Atlanta-Rapper Roscoe Dash has worked with many artists and made a huge impact on the rap-game however, lately the rapper claims he hasn’t been receiving credit for his contributions. According to the “All The Way Turnt Up” rapper, he’s contributed a lot more than bars on Big SeanMarvin Gaye & Chardonnay” and Waka Flocka’s “No Hands.”

Today, Kanye West released a video breaking down the creative process of Cruel Summer. During the video commentary, Kanye begins to list off all the artists who contributed to the album, and apparently forgot to mention Roscoe. Watch below… (Source)

In response to West’s neglect to mention Roscoe Dash as a contribution to GOOD Music’s latest project, “Cruel Summer,” the Atlanta rapper took to twitter on a “calling you out” rant. Through several twitter messages sent Sept. 20 the rapper claims he wrote the hook to “Lotus Flower Bomb” and expresses his discord…Read them all below.

Miguel seems to be the first to respond to the claims during an interview with Complex.com:

“As far as I know, Wale and another artist that I recently met penned the original ‘Lotus Flower Bomb’ chorus and I came in and added the second half or the end part…I’m not going to explain myself, this is retarded. I don’t know anything about Roscoe Dash. At the end of the day, I know my involvement in the song and as far as I know, Wale and I, and this other guy, wrote the chorus. The other guy was an alternative artist.

I think anyone that wants to know who wrote the song can check the credits. I don’t know, I don’t really care. If he did write part of it, then he should get credit for it. All I know is that I didn’t write my portion of the song with Wale in the room-he was in Atlanta, I was in New York. If anyone had any involvement prior to me being involved, that’s unbeknownst to me. Definitely if he wrote a part of it, he should get credit for it but as far as I know, the people who deserve credit on the song are listed. Twitter is definitely not the place to handle business per say. If he wanted to get that rectified, he would have his lawyer contact the proper people.”

Sources say Wale responded to the madness tweeting “Ni–as be wellin on twitter.” Rapper Meek Mills had something to say about the beef too however, Miguel and Roscoe Dash had a bit of back and forth action via Twitter. When it’s all said and done, twitter is not the proper forum to get your business handled and whoever is representing this out of control artist should consult better with him as this is one of the quickest ways to get black balled in the music industry. Don’t fight with twitter, fight them with a lawyer.

Will Kanye West respond to the Dash-Madness?

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