Rumor: Did Wale Disrespect Amanda “Diva” Seales or Visa Versa?

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Rumor has it that the little Twitter Beef between Amanda “Diva” Seales and Wale turned into a heated exchange of words at the annual Roots Picnic in Philly. It all begin when the “Hip-Hop POV” host threw a little humorous shade at Wale who was set to perform at the event. Amanda tweeted:

Well apparently Wale was not entertained by the MTV host and retweeted the comment to acknowledge he did see the tweet. According to the MMG rapper he later decided to approach Amanda during event. Now here’s where things get a little interesting as the two have conflicting stories as to what went down.

Wale’s side is:

According to Wale, he approached Amanda about the tweets questioning why Amanda had a problem with him. It was at this point that Amanda got irate with him and started yelling at him. Wale, not sure where all this was coming from, began to argue with Amanda. Big mistake! Things escalate and Wale asks “What If I tweet things about you?”. The situation escalates and then Amanda starts yelling out for him Wale not to touch her, he gets confused and he walks away from the entire situation all together. He then, in frustration takes to twitter to drop subliminal tweets with Taraji P Henson about “Bum Chicks”. Bum Chicks referring to Amanda Diva.

Courtesy of Baller Alert:

Amanda took to twitter to explain her side of things:

“I keep being told to “not sweat” that @Wale came in my face trying to fight me ovr a tweet. Y in hip hop do we excuse such behavior? Were I to get an apology then perhaps.But it shld be known that dude is completely out of line with women on a regular basis. Folks say “we expect that from him”. But what does that mean? It’s ok bcuz we all kno of the regularity of such behavior”

“In hip hop women r always expected to “be cool” abt completely out of line behavior from our male counterparts. No dice.”

At some point, in an interview, some1 will ask 4 the whole @wale “tweet fight” story & I’ll gladly tell it. Bcuz it’s part of a bigger issue…”

After Wale saw her tweets and was flooded with attacks from Amanda’s fans he responded:

“Stop being gullible.. Please.. Think about info before you lash… Really process things said by ppl seeking ATTENTION . America”

Although, Wale is known for being a little emotional on twitter, Amanda “Diva” has been known for having beef with a few rappers. So which side do you think is telling the truth?

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