Scandalous!!! Rihanna Backs That Thang Up in Barbados!

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Bring it back, bring it back, bring it back!

We’re sure that somewhere out there, there is a side of Rihanna that we haven’t seen. But until then, we’ll go with the many different sides, fronts, and backs that we’ve come to know and love! Here we have Ri-Ri displaying a little girl on girl action at Kadooment Day parade festival in her native Barbados dressed as if she just stepped off the stage at Magic City or King of Diamonds.

Rihanna looks like a straight up tramp, and we LOVE it!!! Her clothes appear to have come from the junior strippers department at Macy’s; with a drink in her hand, lipstick smeared, barely-there clothing and all! If you’re at work you may want to wait until you’re in the privacy of your own home, dark basement, or perverted corner somewhere before viewing the rest of the pics below. In one of them, Rihanna makes the same face Kim Kardashian made to audition for the video with Ray-J that made her famous!

Open wide

Words slurred and stumbling

We think she found her Rude Boi!

Umm, Ri hunny, you’re facing the wrong way


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