Scarface Urges Artists To Preserve Hip Hop’s Integrity [Video]

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Scarface just provided some very interesting words about the state of hip hop.


The legendary Scarface is gearing up to go on a tour with the ‘Geto Boys’ this summer, and he just provided some very raw insight about the alarming state of hip hop. Without a doubt, hip hop has transformed into a ‘different’ sort of ‘anything goes’ type of genre. So much of that lyrical creativity we prized so much went absent, and more cookie-cutter rhymes were born. In this interview, Scarface gives clarity to the history of hip hop and where it began.

He references the start of another genre, rock-n-roll, to provide understanding of how we as African-Americans can actually ‘lose’ a music culture that we created. Scarface talks about how Chuck Berry started rock n roll, but today’s rock n roll fans don’t even know who he is. The southern rap pioneer is known for his heavy influence in the rhymes of many artists today. If anyone has the right to talk about this subject, Scarface does. Watch this enlightening interview and share your thoughts below.

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