Sexy and Preggos… Fantasia Confirms She’s Knocked Up!!

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What giving birth looks like

For those of you who read the headline and said to yourselves “NO F*CKING DUH!” please step forward to the front of the line to collect your gold star for the day! Yes, little barefoot Fanny confirmed weeks ago that she indeed is carrying a child. She also failed to appear at this past weekend’s Bronner Brothers Hair Show.

Shame on the rest of you (us included) for thinking it was just a weight problem. Anyway, congrats to Fantasia and whoever the sperm doner is (presumably Mr. Cook). We’ll keep you all posted for the emerging photos of Tasia and her ensuing baby bump. In the meantime, click below to take a look at a few MILFs‘ past and present who make maternity look good!

Alicia Keys during her pregnancy with Egypt

Halleee Beeerrrryyyy! She’s fine

J.Lo and her pregnant glow

Jessica Alba recently spotted on the red carpet

Kourtney Kardashian when she was pregnant
with Mason (and an E! News camera)

Mariah on the cover of Life & Style

Mel B. recently spotted at the pool

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