Shame on You Chris Breezy..Time to Grow Up

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Everything seemed to be looking up for Chris Brown with his hit singles “Look At Me Now,” “Yeah (3x)” and “Deuces.” Tuesday was the release of his fourth studio recorded album “F.A.M.E,” which stands for Forgiving All My Enemies.  Along with the release of F.A.M.E Chris Brown also debut his new video “Beautiful People.”

Tuesday morning Chris Brown made an appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America where he interviewed with Robin Roberts. The last time he interviewed with her it was in regards to the tragic incident with RnB Pop singer Rihanna.

Instead of putting that story to rest, Robin Roberts continued to press the issue asking one question after another about that dreadful night in Los Angeles where the star beat the crap out of the carribean superstar . The release of his video and album was the single topic Chris Brown wanted to talk about yet that was probably the furthest from the top of her list of interview questions. 

After the interview, Chris Brown stormed out into his room where he reportedly threw a chair at the window which shattered out into the streets of New York. Chris Brown’s tantrum is not going to be taken lightly; after all he did go through trial for domestic violence.

Without a doubt this incident has gossipers chattering away. Lets hope this incident does not overshadow his glorious moment of releasing F.A.M.E.

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