Shameful: Rapper Diamond Gets Car Repossessed on Young Money Video Shoot; Scrappy Where you at?

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Recently we reported that rapper Diamond was in an automobile accident in Atlanta but luckily she came out of it with no injuries. Unfortunately car problems is becoming an epidemic for “Miss 32 Flavas” as car thirsty repo men showed up on a Young Money video shoot last night to take possession of her yellow Chevy Camaro.


Where the heck is security when you need them? It was apparent from the video that the repo goons wasn’t buying her excuse that she just bought the car or that it was a mistake on their part.

Diamond is currently dating Disturbing the Peace recording artist Lil Scrappy so hopefully he will front her money to retrieve her vehicle back.

Diamond will be back behind the wheel of her vehicle real soon as these things happen to the best of us.

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