She Sounds Suspect! – Shannon Price Defends Her Actions About Helping End Gary Coleman’s Life -“He would’ve been like Muhammad Ali!”

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We don’t know what was in Shannon Price’s heart the day she told the doctors to remove Gary Coleman off of life support but one thing is for sure her interview created more questions than answers after watching her it. Price stated that one of the reasons she made the decision to have the plug pulled on her ex-husband is “He would’ve been like Muhammad Ali!” Hello…Muhammad Ali has Parkinson’s disease so that reasoning makes no sense at all. Also, she was not accused of pushing Gary Coleman but she found it necessary to mention she didn’t push him. Sounds more like an alibi more than a declaration of innocence if you ask us.

Price told the doctors she was his wife when in fact the two had been divorced almost two years earlier. If she believed that she made the right decision for him why now is she justifying her actions especially about the car she claimed he bought her? Check out the video and let us know what you think?

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